Online Aviation Jobs Board Posts Record Numbers

FORT WORTH, TX –– JSfirm announces that the company’s online aviation jobs board posted record numbers at the end of 2008. The company ended 2008 with more than 4,000 company members and 60,000 individual resume members, and averaged more than five million hits per month to their website. Salatino says that in the first part of 2009, JSfirm has already seen more than 10 percent growth in website activity. Its database has grown to include the resumes of more 60,000 aviation professionals and more than 350,000 unique visitors per month.

"We are a web-based company, but we are dedicated to providing real personal service," says Account Manager Tonya Salatino. "That’s one of our key differentiators. You are not just a resume or an account number – you are a client or candidate with unique needs."

Hiring companies can search resumes by unique criteria to include experience by aircraft make and model. Job seekers also have the option to make their resume confidential in the event the company they work for uses the service.

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