Lockheed Martin UK adopts GOLDesp for Integrated Merlin Operational Support

LA JOLLA, CA, and CHICAGO – Miro Technologies announces Lockheed Martin UK, sub-prime contractor for sustaining the Royal Navy's top, multi-mission Merlin Mk1 helicopter, has now deployed GOLDesp to support the Integrated Merlin Operational Support (IMOS) program. GOLDesp will provide the key automated maintenance management system at the Merlin Avionics Workshops (MAWS) at the Royal Navy Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose in Cornwall and manage all Merlin Mission System inventory and fourth line repair orders.

"GOLDesp will enable Lockheed Martin UK to improve the capabilities and efficiencies of the logistics systems that support the IMOS program," says Ian Westley, Customer Support Manager for LMUK. "We will also now be able to automate the maintenance management of other, smaller LMUK programs onto one common system with GOLDesp introducing much greater synergy and efficiency across our business enterprise."

The ability to run multiple programs on a single instance of GOLDesp is directly related to enhanced database security features introduced by Miro Technologies in GOLDesp. Database security is implemented at the Oracle level, thus leveraging the Oracle database itself for hiding or displaying records based on the user's assigned roles and its related database security.

To manage component repairs, LMUK is now utilizing GOLDesp's new Work Recording module, which takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology to allow immediate on-screen updates and data validation. GOLDesp's Work Recording Desktop screen allows users to manage and organize all Work Order-related data from one point, and the existing data security features allow controlled access to data in different military programs. GOLDesp allows the customer to fit their current repair processes into the module through the use of Default Work Orders and Default Repair Processes, and manage the completion of a repair with defined Work Steps; each of which may require digital signatures/authorizations.

Additionally, a Work Order Business Rules Engine has been configured by the customer to help drive transactions or functions such as email notifications to automatically occur when triggered by selected events. GOLDesp Work Orders can also hold a Default Parts List for a specific repair scenario, making it easy to request parts directly from stock when they are required. Third-party Vendor Repairs can also be tracked and shipping information can be held in the Work Order screens, along with several other data elements, such as labor hours, delays, and transaction history. The robust functionality contained in the Work Recording module should have the effect of greatly increasing data accuracy while making IMOS repair management more efficient.