Aviation Inventor Si Robin Honored for Revolutionizing Global Avionics Industry

LOS ANGELES -- Aviation inventor and engineer Seymour "Si" Robin has received a Living Legends of Aviation Award for his lifelong accomplishments as the leading designer of antennas for commercial, business, and military airborne applications used on nearly every aircraft in the world.

With many inventions and patents, 81-year-old Robin joins the ranks of aviation innovators, record breakers and celebrities such as U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan; actors John Travolta and Harrison Ford; entrepreneurs Jimmy Buffett and Sir Richard Branson; and other luminaries who have been awarded Living Legends of Aviation Awards for their historic contributions to the industry.

"Being inducted in the Living Legends of Aviation is a personal honor, as well as a tribute to the nearly 300 employees who have provided us with remarkable moments of innovation and invention," says Robin, CEO and executive vice president of Sensor Systems Inc. "This award is a celebration of those in the aviation and aerospace industries who have had the courage, passion and determination to dream the possibility and create the reality."

Robin, an instrument multi-engine private pilot with seaplane rating, owns several vintage aircraft and still flies his J-3 Cub and Beechcraft Staggerwing. He also competes in vintage automobile racing and is the Sports Car Champion of 2002 and 2004.

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