Elliott Upgrades Elite Series Cockpit in Falcon 10/100

MOLINE, IL -- Elliott Aviation, a business aviation services company, announces that it has received FAA certification for an upgraded elite series cockpit installation in a Falcon 10/100 aircraft, which features the latest generation of Universal Avionics' EFI-890R display suite.

Elliott Aviation originally earned FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for its elite series cockpit installation in Falcon 10/100 aircraft in 2005.

The certification aircraft received triple Universal EFI 890R flat panel integrated displays (FPIDs), as well as the Universal Avionics UNS-1LW with LPV monitor WAAS Flight Management System for which certification is still pending, enabling the aircraft to fly the FAA's newest generation of GPS precision approaches, localizer performance (LP) and localizer performance with vertical (LPV). Nearly 1,500 WAAS LPV approaches have been published to date.

"Elliott Aviation is committed to helping aircraft owners extend the useful life of their aircraft and make the most of their investment," says Mark Wilken, Elliott Aviation director of avionics sales and product development. "Our upgraded elite series cockpit will help Falcon 10/100 operators fly safer and more efficiently for many years to come."

Elliott Aviation's original elite series cockpit for the Falcon 10/100 included RVSM airdata computers, Universal UNS-1F FMS, Universal Class A TAWS, Universal Vision-1 Synthetic Vision, Universal Cockpit Display (UCD) with electronic charts, checklist, and WSI Nexrad weather, TCAS II/ACAS traffic and RA commands, weather radar, and Stormscope sensor data.

Elliott Aviation also offers installation of growing list of safety products available to Falcon 10/100 operators including: RVSM, Honeywell Mark VII EGPWS with windshear alerting, Collins TCAS-4000 TCAS II/ACAS, Universal Class A TAWS, and Universal MFD-640 for Falcon 10/100 aircraft operators.