Pennsylvania Governor Announces $12.2 Million Investment in Eight Aviation Projects

HARRISBURG, PA -- Governor Edward G. Rendell announces the investment of $12.2 million as part of PennDOT's Aviation Capital Budget/Transportation Assistance Program.

"Aviation is a vital component of Pennsylvania's transportation infrastructure," says Governor Rendell. "Investments in the aviation industry do more than bolster air service; they supplement thousands of jobs as well as state revenue."

The program is funded through state capital bond dollars in the General Fund budget. The grants, which are authorized by the General Assembly, are administered by PennDOT's Bureau of Aviation.

Public-use airports with a public sponsor and a line item on an active capital budget act are eligible for funding. The state has 133 public-use airports and heliports and 14 airports have scheduled commercial service.

The proposed spending by county includes:

  • Allegheny County -- Pittsburgh International Airport: $3.7 million to continue construction of the airport-wide deicing storm water treatment plant.
  • Beaver County -- Zelienople Municipal Airport: $275,000 to extend the access road and utilities into the airport to develop and attract new aviation business opportunities.
  • Erie County -- Erie International Airport Tom Ridge Field: $3 million for the next phase of the runway extension project.
  • Indiana County -- Indiana County Jimmy Stewart Airport: $664,894 for the next phase of the runway extension project.
  • Lehigh County --Lehigh Valley International Airport: $3 million for main terminal renovations.
  • Mifflin County -- Mifflin County Airport: $250,000 to construct a 10-unit aircraft storage hangar to meet the airport's growing aircraft storage needs.
  • Montgomery County -- Pottstown Municipal Airport: $250,000 to assist with building aircraft storage hangars to accommodate airport storage needs.
  • Philadelphia -- Philadelphia International Airport: $1 million to continue the construction of a multi-year project to extend runway 17-35 to help relieve air traffic delays at the airport.