Cessna Celebrates Grand Opening of Newest Citation Service Center in Mesa

WICHITA, KS – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. company, today marked the grand opening of its Mesa Citation Service Center adjacent to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, AZ.

The company constructed a new 101,000-square-foot facility that includes 62,400 square feet of hangar space along with office and backshop areas. Cessna has developed 12 acres of its tract flanking three 10,000-foot runways and a 124,800-square foot aircraft ramp, leaving room for expansion as needed.

Randy Soutiere is general manager of the Mesa Citation Service Center, which employs more than 75 maintenance professionals. As previously announced, Cessna has moved its Long Beach, CA, service center to Mesa to expand space and capability. More than 65 percent of the workforce at Long Beach accepted Cessna's offer to relocate to Mesa.

"We're thrilled to be open for business in the Phoenix area, and our first day's activities were robust with seven Citations coming through the door," says Stan Younger, Cessna vice president, Service Facilities. "The customer and employee experience here is certain to turn Mesa into the premiere location in the Southwest for Citation maintenance. The facility is twice as large and ramp space is 10 times the size of what we offered in Long Beach, and we have room for further expansion as the worldwide fleet of Citation business jets grows."

The Mesa Citation Service Center is part of Cessna's global network of company-owned service centers.