Transport Canada Approves DART's Spacepod

PINEY FLATS, TN -- Dart Helicopter Services announces that its affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada's approval of the DART Spacepod. FAA and EASA approvals are currently pending.

With the DART Spacepod operators can increase their stowing capability by 5.5 ft³ and 140 pounds per side. Installation net weight is increased by only 13 pounds per side. This unit has been approved to be flown on either or both sides, with no flight limitations.

The Hinge Modification Kit modifies the existing sliding door to make it compatible with the Spacepod. The sliding door is modified to a forward hinging configuration that is ideal for easy passenger loading. LH Spacepod is supplied with the Hinge Mod Kit or the Hinge Mod Kit may be purchased and installed independently of the Spacepod for operators interested in an alternative to the OEM sliding door.

"The DART Spacepod for the EC130 is an economical and practical solution for operators seeking a cargo expansion solution," says Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd. "Although the Hinge Modification Kit is required for installation of the LH Spacepod, it is also ideal as a stand alone modification for anyone interested in an alternative to the existing sliding door."

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