ST Aerospace Partners With ITE to Provide Aviation Technical Education

SINGAPORE – Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd. (ST Aerospace) and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in enhancing the training of students in the Nitec in Aerospace Technology and Nitec in Aerospace Avionics courses. This MOU, which is extended over five years, includes setting up an aircraft airframe workshop at ITE, offering scholarships to students, providing on-the-job attachment for ITE staff and knowledge sharing, and developing joint certification courses.

This program is estimated to benefit around 400 students in the two courses annually. Students will directly benefit from hands-on experience working with actual aircraft parts provided by ST Aerospace instead of models which they currently use. The scholarships, which will cover tuition fees and allowance, will aid students financially and allow them to focus on their studies. In addition, with ST Aerospace’s contribution to the joint electives and certification courses, the students can also stay on the forefront of developments in the industry by gaining repair skills of new aircraft types and technologies.

"With this collaboration, we can look forward to attract more secondary school leavers to consider a career in the Aerospace industry, and to provide ITE students with invaluable opportunities to acquire hands-on experience at ST Aerospace’s state-of-the-art facilities," says Bruce Poh, Director and CEO of ITE.

"We are pleased for this opportunity to contribute to the aerospace industry in Singapore through our collaboration with ITE in its Aerospace Technology and Avionics courses. We look forward to helping to enhance the quality of the students' education so that they can contribute to Singapore's aviation industry," says Tay Kok Khiang, President of ST Aerospace.