Timken Expands Aerospace Aftermarket Solutions Group

CANTON, OHIO — The Timken Company has expanded its Aerospace Aftermarket Solutions group to provide customers in the aerospace industry more cost effective options for maintenance and operations, and more value over OEM alternatives.

"From engineering and manufacturing to repair and fleet support, Timken is one of the few aerospace aftermarket service providers to offer a fully comprehensive MRO program," says Larry Shiembob, general manager, Aerospace-MRO, Timken Aftermarket Solutions. "With a long heritage of aerospace innovation, Timken is dedicated to bringing high-quality parts and services to the aerospace industry, while still maintaining a focus on providing cost-saving options to our customers."

Timken recently expanded its footprint in the aerospace industry with the recent acquisition of EXTEX and now offers more than 2,000 PMA approved replacement parts. Timken also supplies most of the parts that drive overhaul cost, including wheels, combustion liners, nozzles, bearings and gears, and can perform cost effective commercial engine bulletin (CEB) upgrades.

In addition, Timken specializes in Rolls-Royce 250 engine PMA and repair.

"We are among the industry leaders in turbine nozzle casting replacement, nozzle shield restoration, combustion liner refurbishment," said Shiembob. "Our development of FAA-approved repairs and the use of new technology enables parts to be restored to original specifications without the reliability issues normally associated with conventional repairs."

Timken offers in-house casting and machining capabilities. For more information visit www.timken.com.