Downsizing Aviation Companies Can Help Employees Find Work

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Sam Scanlon, JSfirm Managing Partner, announces that companies that typically use their website to advertise job openings can now take advantage of JSfirm's "E" Program.

"This is not an outplacement program," he says. "This is a less expensive and more effective way for aviation companies to help employees find work when they downsize."

The "E" program is already included in company membership fees. JSfirm provides resume posting and resume creation assistance; a resume URL; interviewing and other helpful tips; a detailed list of hiring companies; and direct emails of new job opportunities. Additionally, they give physical material to companies to hand out to employees that have been affected by unfortunate circumstances.

"It's a touch of class for companies to provide their employees this service," says Scanlon. "Companies are still hiring and the aviation community is active. However, every company should have this option in place."

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