Hammonds Awards $30,000-Plus ODV Tractor During Aviation Industry Expo

HOUSTON – Western Aircraft of Boise, Idaho, is the grand prize winner of the 2008 Hammonds Omni Directional Vehicle (ODV) Giveaway Sweepstakes.

Carl Hammonds, President and Founder of the Hammonds Companies, made the announcement as the Aviation Industry Expo got underway.

"We were very familiar with the Hammonds ODV because of all the buzz it's created in the industry," says Ken Hawk, VP of FBO Services for Western AircraftHawk. "We'd read about it and seen it at industry trade shows. To win this vehicle is really exciting for all of us."

"The 2008 Go-ODV Give Away was conceived so that when industry seeks out their next ground support vehicle, they'll give serious consideration to the Hammonds Omni Directional Vehicle," says Hammonds. "We're encouraging everyone to Go ODV!"

According to Hawk, he has two immediate priorities in putting the Hammonds ODV to use at his Boise facility.

"The first thing we're going to do is get our line staff trained on the unit, and Carl Hammonds himself is coming to do just that," he says. "Next we're going to turn the ODV loose in our storage hangar where we keep our fleet of seven PC-12s."

"The ODV allows the operator to move multiple ton aircraft into tight places, while turning on a dime," says Hammonds.

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