Aviation Groups Host Annual Safety Seminar for European Audience

NICOSIA, CYPRUS – The 21st annual European Aviation Safety Seminar kicked off in Nicosia, Cyprus, before an audience of 200. Hosted by the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), and EUROCONTROL, the seminar will work to ensure that attention continues to be focused on aviation safety during a global economic downturn.

The seminar will have panels to update on current and operational issues as well as a strong focus on the culture of aviation safety and handling risk.

"We cannot ignore the fact that there have been a number of high profile crashes recently in Europe and North America. While we can rightly applaud the survivability of most of these incidents, we must ask ourselves why this is happening," says William R. Voss, President and CEO of FSF. "Open communication is the key to any safety culture – and that includes getting hundreds of safety professionals together to share the latest information at EASS."

"At a time when everyone is under economic pressure, combining scarce resources and sharing best practices is a must to ensuring we can continue to improve safety standards," says Erik Merckx, Deputy Director Central Management Functions at EUROCONTROL. "By sharing information in an open way, we also contribute to helping to build a safety culture and an open reporting culture in aviation, one of the key building blocks for improved safety around the world."

"One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents is by learning from errors that have already occurred, and that means encouraging open reporting in a 'just culture' environment free from fear of blame, job loss or a jail sentence," says Mike Ambrose, Director General, ERA. "In the current economic climate where fear of redundancy is very real, an open-reporting culture is more important than ever."

For more information visit www.flightsafety.org.