Teledyne Continental Motors Recall Update

Since the Feb. 12 voluntary cylinder recall announcement, Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) has made progress toward the satisfactory resolution of the subject issue for aircraft owners operating select 470, 520 and 550 series engines with affected cylinders. The statements below reflect that current status with regard to compliance with Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB09-1.

Cylinder Production – TCM has successfully ramped up cylinder production to meet current market demand for replacement cylinders and new engines, plus the additional TopCare 470, 520 and 550 cylinder demand necessary to complete the recall by December 31, 2009. Current daily cylinder production rates increased 100% to 120 complete cylinders per day. Since February 12, 2009, 500 replacement cylinders have been produced and shipped to the field specifically designated for the recall program.

Cylinder Replacement – To ensure the highest quality maintenance available, TCM is qualifying several domestic and international service centers to perform cylinder replacements. To date, TCM has contracted 14 domestic service centers to accomplish cylinder replacements required by MSB09-1. Negotiations with additional domestic and international locations are ongoing.

Engine Manufacturing – TCM engine manufacturing has returned to the normal adjusted production rate after clearing the backlog created by the cylinder recall. TCM expects to have all backlogged engines completed and shipped by the first week of April. Factory New and Rebuilt engines not affected by the cylinder recall remain at a 4-5 week manufacturing lead time.

Engine Stock Program – TCM has reposted several Factory New and Rebuilt engines models on its Factory Stock Viewer. Some engines were temporarily removed from the Stock Viewer until they could be inspected to ensure compliance with MSB09-1. For a complete list of stock engines and current availability, visit the Factory Stock Viewer at