FAA Certifies DART's Crosstubes on Civil UH-1 Models

PINEY FLATS, TN -- Dart Helicopter Services' affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received FAA approval to add certain UH-1 model aircraft to STCs SR01298NY and SR01742NY for Crosstubes. The UH-1 models included are those that have been FAA certified per FAR 21.25(a)(2) for civil use.

DART currently offers replacement low narrow, standard low, standard high, 31-inch extended height, and 39-inch extended height crosstubes for Bell 204/205/210/212/214/412 & UH-1 model helicopters. The extended height landing gears provide extra ground clearance for the installation of water bombing or other belly mounted equipment. These specialized landing gears, which are only available from DART, are 4 inches higher (D205-594-013/-023) and 12 inches higher (D205-594-011/-021) than standard high landing gear.

DART crosstubes have been designed to be compatible with both DART Round-I-Beam and OEM skidtubes and are easily installed using a thru bolt system. DART crosstubes are manufactured by means of an environmentally friendly process and utilize clamp-on stainless-steel supports to avoid rivet holes in high stress regions of the crosstube. DART crosstubes are not life-limited rather, all DART crosstubes have been engineered to be replaced on-condition according to a max spread criteria.

Applications have also been made to the FAA for the addition of the UH-1 models to existing DART STCs for the Bearpaws, Heli-Utility-Baskets, and Heli-Access Steps.

"In recognition of the challenges in procuring approved parts faced by operators of FAA approved UH-1 model aircraft, DART has sought and received FAA certification for its Round-I-Beam Skidtube and its low and standard high Crosstubes," says Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd. "In the near future, we will also expect to receive FAA approval to add the UH-1 models to our STCs for Bearpaws, Heli-Utility-Basket, Heli-Access-Steps, and Extended Height Landing Gear."

The STC currently lists the following models as approved:

  • UH-1A
  • UH-1B
  • UH-1E
  • UH-1F
  • TH-1F
  • UH-1P
  • UH-1H
  • UH-1L
  • TH-1L

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