Snecma Announces Corporate Appointments

Engine manufacturer names five new VPs.

Snecma annoucnes the appointments of Yves Prete to Vice President, MRO division; Jean Massot to Vice President, Sales & Marketing; Michel Brioude to Vice President, Spare Parts division; Lydia Guerville to Vice President, Improvement Initiatives; and Jean-Jacques Orsini to Vice President, Quality.

Prete, 55, holds an electromechanical engineering degree from the free university of Brussels. He started his career with FN Moteurs SA – now Techspace Aero in the SAFRAN Group – where he held several production positions, including director of production. In 2000 he was named chief executive of Snecma Services Brussels. From 2005 until this appointment, he was head of Sichuan Snecma Aero-engine Maintenance in China.

Massot, 61, graduated from the ENSMA mechanical and aeronautical engineering school, later attended the CHEAr defense college in 1997. He started his career with the Group at Snecma in 1971, moving up the management chain in various technical and program positions, including CFM International representative in Seattle for the Boeing 737 launch and Snecma GE90 deputy program manager at GE (which powers Boeing 777 long-haul widebody twinjet). In 1993, he was appointed M88 military engine program director (for the Rafale multirole fighter). In October 2000 he was named deputy director of international affairs for the Snecma Group (now SAFRAN), then in 2004 became Vice President for Strategy and Development at Snecma Services. From January 2008 until this latest appointment he was Senior Vice President of Snecma Services.

Brioude, 50, graduated from the INSA applied sciences school. He joined Snecma in 1985 as an engineer in the compressor department, then went to General Electric in 1987 for the CF6-80 program (mainly powering the Airbus Airbus A330 and the Boeing 747). He held after many positions in the Snecma's design office. In 1991 he was named design manager for CFM56 engines, then engineer in chief for CFM56-7B program in 1997. He was appointed head of technical support at Snecma Services in 1999, then head of customer support in 2001. From 2006 until this latest appointment he was director of the commercial engines division at Snecma Services.

Guerville, 38, earned a PhD in materials engineering and sciences and holds degrees at the Ecole des Mines de Paris engineering school. She started her career with Snecma in 1999 as design engineer in the materials and processes lab in the engineering division, subsequently moving to other positions in this laboratory. In 2003 she moved to the production department as "motivation and improvement initiatives" manager at Snecma's Evry Corbeil plant. She took charge of the low-pressure guide vane production line in 2004. From 2006 until this latest appointment, she was head of the rotating parts machining production unit.

Orsini, 42, holds degrees from the Arts et Métiers engineering school and the ESTA technology and business school. He started his career with Snecma in 1990 as an engineer in the structural design department. In 1997 he moved to the production support division. He was then Snecma representative for the GE90 high-pressure compressor (for the Boeing 777 long-haul widebody twinjet) at General Electric. In 2001 he was named GE90-115B design engineer at Snecma, then large engine design engineer in 2003. In 2005 he joined the engineering division as head of a design unit. From 2008 until this latest appointment he was Vice President for Research & Technology at Snecma.

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