FAA Certifies ACE's Anechoic Test Chamber

Applied Composites Engineering (ACE) recently acquired FAA certification on their large anechoic test chamber. ACE initially targeted the testing of commercial X-band radomes as a stand alone service, as well as complimenting its capability of repair and full overhaul of radomes for commercial and business jet users. ACE's strategy for faster turn-around times incorporates stringent FAA and OEM compliance led ACE to invest heavily not only in the size of the chamber (accommodating up to 9-foot diameter radomes), but also robotics, data acquisition, and reporting technologies.

"Bottom line is to get the radome back into service or in our customer spares stores A.S.A.P., supporting our customers goals to lower their total cost of ownership," says Leigh Sargent, ACE president and co-founder.

When asked how fast is fast for contract testing, Sargent's reply was, "We won’t have a drive through, but it won't be far off it. We are not content in raising the bar; we want to remove it completely."

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