EASA Approves Geneva Aviation's P101 Instrument Panel, P125 Pedestal, and P137 Instrument Panel Visor

HAWKESBURY, ON -- Dart Helicopter Services announces that its subsidiary partner, Geneva Aviation, has received EASA approval of its P101 Instrument Panel, P125 Instrument Panel Support Structure (Pedestal), and the P137 Instrument Panel Visor for AS350 series helicopters. FAA and Transport Canada approvals have been previously received.

The P101 Instrument Panel allows replacement of a current instrument panel with a custom panel. This lightweight panel allows operators to customize to the needs of the crew and the panel is available in three widths. The standard width matches the OEM panel and there are narrow and wide panel options available.

The P125 Pedestal, used with the P101 Instrument Panel, allows for custom configururation of an aircraft panel and support structure to accommodate nearly any desired layout of instruments, radio displays, and other special equipment. By providing a uniform shelf under the entire usable width of the panel, Geneva has made the placement of avionics equipment simple with no need for complex sheet metal revisions to the OEM pedestal and support tray. The P125 Pedestal is optional for narrow and standard width instrument panels but is required for the wide panel. The pedestal is available in powder-coated black or custom colors.

The P137 Instrument Panel Visor is made of a high-strength fiberglass composite material which is resilient to the effect of heat and sunlight. The visor is available in three widths to match the instrument panel options. The standard width visor may also be used as an alternative to the OEM Instrument Panel Visor.

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