FLYING Magazine's Parade of Planes Moves into Addison, TX

ADDISON, TX – AMPT Associates announce that FLYING Magazine's Parade of Planes event will open Thursday, March 26 in Addison, TX, with an exciting array of aircraft on display. Fourteen aircraft brands, ranging from light sport to light turbine, singles and twins, aerobatic aircraft, and even new construction of nostalgic aircraft will be on the ramp. Plus, a supporting team of Buyer's Resources will be on hand for all three days at Atlantic Aviation on the Addison Municipal Airport.

"Despite the current economic situation, aviation consumers are in the market for new aircraft, partially due to the new stimulus package," says Randy S. Bolinger of AMPT Associates. "Now more than ever, a consumer's ability to purchase a new aircraft in 2009 may hinge on an understanding of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, an ability to find partners to reduce the cost of ownership, discovering which aircraft is easier to insure based on individual qualifications or what creative financing options are available."

To facilitate those important conversations that solidify a purchase decision, FLYING's Parade of Planes enlisted the support of the nation's top tier tax, finance, insurance and partnership groups again for 2009.

For the second year, Advocate Tax, Aero Credit & AirFleet Capital, NationAir Insurance, Aircraft Partnership Association, and PlaneSmart! Aviation have joined forces at Parade of Planes to provide the creative solutions that can make aircraft ownership or shared access a reality.

"Regardless of the doom and gloom in the media, there are sources lending money for new aircraft and there are huge tax benefits for small business owners," says Bolinger. "Even purchasing a share of an aircraft through PlaneSmart! or using the Aircraft Partnership Association's free on-line database to search for partners in your local area can make the difference between flying a new aircraft or just dreaming about it for another year."

FLYING's Parade of Planes is open to the aviation public Thursday, March 26, through Saturday, March 28, 2009. The static display is available between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day. Admission is free but guests may wish to make a tax deductable donation in any amount to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum to aid in their mission to preserve historic warbirds and civilian aircraft (most of which are still airworthy and fly regularly).

The following aircraft brands and resources are slated to be at FLYING's Parade of Planes - Addison (actual aircraft models to be determined by each exhibitor):


  • Cessna (represented by Monarch Air)
  • Cirrus
  • CubCrafters
  • Diamond
  • Eclipse (represented by PlaneSmart! Aviation)
  • Extra
  • Gobosh
  • Hawker Beechcraft
  • Husky
  • Liberty (represented by Liberty USA)
  • LoPresti
  • Mooney (represented by Premier Aircraft)
  • Remos
  • Waco Classic


  • Aircraft Finance (represented by Aero Credit & AirFleet Capital)
  • Aviation Insurance (represented by NationAir)
  • Aviation Taxation (represented by Advocate Consulting)


  • Aircraft Partnership Association
  • PlaneSmart! Aviation


  • Atlantic Aviation
  • Big South Fork Airpark
  • FLYING Magazine
  • Monarch Air
  • Tejas AeroServices

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