FlightSafety's Hawker 900XP Simulator Receives FAA Level D Qualification

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, NY – FlightSafety International's new Hawker 900XP full flight simulator, equipped with the company’s new SimIO and SimPWR technology, has received Level D qualification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration. The simulator is located at FlightSafety's Learning Center in Houston.

"The FAA Level D qualification of this new simulator equipped with SimIO and SimPWR, FlightSafety’s latest advances in data input and output control and power distribution, demonstrates our ability and commitment to design and integrate new advanced technologies into our industry leading training devices," said Rick Armstrong, Vice President Simulation, FlightSafety International. "

"FlightSafety's SimIO enhances the performance of our simulators, provides simpler and quicker maintenance, increases system availability, and contributes to the high level of fidelity and value FlightSafety's training devices offer," says Ron Jantzen, Director, Simulation Engineering, FlightSafety International. "SimIO provides the interface between the simulator's host computer and Avionics, Electric Motion and Control Loading system and Flight Deck I/O. It features RACKtangle technology developed by FlightSafety in conjunction with United Electronic Industries.

"SimPWR is a key component of our new simulators. It provides power conditioning, voltage conversion and distribution, impedance control, high-energy filtering, surge suppression, ethernet control and monitoring, and TEALwatch remote power monitoring."

The modular design of SimPWR distribution units will enable FlightSafety to customize the device for various simulator configurations and current and future systems used in the devices. Together, these enhancements will reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs over time and shorten the time required for simulator development, qualification and entry into service.

The SimPWR distribution units are designed around a high performance, high reliability isolation transformer that enables input voltage selection and conversion integrated into a modular rack mount package with a number of distribution and control options. The distribution units offer a clean power source protected against common mode noise, transients, and harmonics.