Continental Motors Offers Rebates

Continental Motors announces a rebate offer valid on all Genuine Continental New and Rebuilt Powerplants. The rebate comes on the heels of the January 15, 2009, announcement that the Company reduced engine prices by as much as 10 percent depending on model. The additional savings, in the form of a factory rebate on Factory New and Factory Rebuilt powerplants, provide incentive for aircraft owners to install a factory engine rather than electing to overhaul a run-out engine upon reaching TBO.

Factory-rebuilt engines from TCM are true zero time engines that are sold for a guaranteed price -- a price that has recently been lowered 10 percent and now includes an additional $1,000 rebate ($2,000 on gear-driven engines) through April 15, 2009. Overhauled engine price quotes are subject to change after post teardown inspection of crankshaft, connecting rods, cases and more. Additionally, some aircraft owners may be confused by what overhaulers refer to as a "zero time since overhaul" engine versus a true "zero time"” engine from TCM. The fact is that only the OEM can manufacture new and factory-rebuilt engines that are "absolute zero time" engines.

Aircraft owners may want to research the many benefits of installing a genuine factory-new or factory-rebuilt engine versus an overhaul service prior to reinvesting in their aircraft. Benefits include:

• Zero Time Logbook – Installing a genuine factory-new or factory-rebuilt engine means that a new engine logbook is issued and starts at zero hours. An overhaul keeps the engine’s cumulative hours and history and does not begin at zero. Thus installing a zero time factory-new or factory-rebuilt engine improves the aircraft’s value for existing or prospective future owners.

• Airworthiness Directive & Service Bulletin Compliance – Every engine that leaves the Continental Motors factory is 100% compliant with all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins in effect through the rebuild date.

• Factory Specifications – Only Continental Motors has the technicians and equipment to build engines to like new factory specifications under its industry leading AS9100 Quality System.

• Turn Time – Generally the installation of a factory-new or factory-rebuilt engine can be accomplished in less than two weeks when the engine is ordered in advance. Overhauls can result in extended down time since the overhaul process involves dismantling the engine, inspecting parts for wear, ordering replacement parts, reassembly and installation.

• Guaranteed Price – The Genuine Continental price guarantees what a consumer will pay for a factory engine. Overhaul quotes generally start lower than the Genuine Continental rebuilt engine price, but can quickly escalate after engine disassembly and inspection if major internal components need to be replaced above and beyond what is included in the overhaul quote.

• Residual Value – A zero time engine has more residual than a high-time overhauled engine. For example a 100 hour TTSN (total time since new) engine retains more value than a 3,600 TT engine with 100 hours TTSO (total time since overhaul) because the overhauled engine is then actually a 3,700 TT engine.

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