Transport Canada Approves Dart's Full Vertical Reference Door Modification Kit

PINEY FLATS, TN -- Dart Helicopter Services announces that its affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada approval of the Full Vertical Reference Door Modification Kit for the Bell 204/205/212/214/412 of helicopters. FAA and EASA approvals are still pending.

The Full vertical Reference Door Modification Kits provide improved visibility of slung cargo in flight while simultaneously monitoring flight instruments. The kit comes complete with a full height bubble window, a new armrest, and provisions for modifying the aircraft door and relocating instruments.

The Full Vertical Reference Door Modification modifies the customer's existing LH door and requires coincident installation of dual controls and basic flight instruments in the co-pilot position, as per Bell Helicopter Service Instructions, and installation of an approved mechanical cargo hook release in the co-pilot position.

Dart will also be adding to the Full Vertical Reference Door Modification Kit variations that would allow for the modification to be applied to the right hand door, and also for a shallower comfort window to be installed either LH or RH instead of the deeper bubble window.

"Dart Aerospace has recognized and responded to some of the challenges presented by vertical reference operations with the Full Vertical Reference Door Modification Kit," says Bill Beckett, General Manager DART Aerospace Ltd. "This kit offers both a cost effective alternative to sourcing a complete door to modify and, with its 17-inch bubble, adjustable arm rest and instrument panel, the most user-friendly configuration available."

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