Frontier Receives 10th Consecutive Award from FAA for Excellence in Safety and Training

DENVER -- Reflecting its commitment to safety and continuing education, Frontier Airlines Holdings Inc. announces that it is among an elite group of maintenance facilities in America whose maintenance department has been awarded the Federal Aviation Administration's Diamond Award. This is the tenth consecutive year Frontier has received this recognition.

"No other major airline has ever received this prestigious award for 10 consecutive years with 100 percent participation," says Frontier Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering Ron McClellan. "It is a reflection of Frontier's total dedication to safety and to the continuing education of our outstanding maintenance employees."

The Diamond Award is the highest honor given by the FAA and recognizes airlines and other maintenance facilities where 100 percent of its aircraft maintenance technicians complete certified training requirements beyond their initial certification. In 2008, the FAA raised the level or participation for a Diamond Award from 25 percent to 100 percent.

Since 1999, Frontier has far exceeded the FAA's standard with 100 percent participation of its aircraft maintenance technicians, upholding Frontier's status as one of a very small number of air carriers to achieve this distinction. Each of the airline's 303 maintenance and engineering employees participated in the program this year.

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