EASA Revises OPS Consultation Schedule

The European Aviation Safety Agency has revised the comment response dates of its Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs) on implementing rules in the areas of "Air Operations," "Operational Suitability Certificate," and "Authority and Organization Requirements."

"We have listened to the reactions of our stakeholders and have come to the conclusion that more time is needed to become familiar with our proposals and our NPA procedures," says Jules Kneepkens, EASA's Rulemaking Director. "We will continue to fully inform industry of our proposals in dedicated workshops and online-information."

The revised deadlines for comments to the NPAs are:

  • NPA 2008-22a-22e (Authority and Organisation Requirements) -- May 28, 2009
  • NPA 2009-01 (Operational Suitability Certificate) -- June 30,2009
  • NPA 2009-02a-02g (Air Operations) -- July 31, 2009

The NPAs are available on EASA's website by clicking here and via the CRT application.