Cessna's Pelton Delivers Keynote Address at Avionics Convention

DALLAS – Jack J. Pelton, chairman, president and CEO of Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. company, today shared his strategy for surviving aviation's current down cycle in remarks as the keynote speaker at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) 52nd annual International Convention & Trade Show, the world's largest convention of avionics professionals.

In his speech, Pelton emphasized key elements in Cessna's strategy, including the importance of understanding the customer and the market, right sizing the business, keeping employees focused and engaged, increasing communications with suppliers and partners, and working with government officials.

"Cessna has chosen not to focus on staying dry during this storm. Rather, we are out front fighting the storm," Pelton told the audience as he explained the "Rise" advertising campaign Cessna launched in February. "We're positioned to help our customers stay competitive and airborne – and we believe that's never been more important than in difficult times like these.

"Even without the global economic and credit crisis and the public relations issues we're facing, this would be a year of tackling big issues that have long-term, monumental consequences for our industry. This is a pivotal time for our industry in so many areas. How we perform as individual companies and as an industry will determine our future."

Pelton challenged attendees to get involved in recasting the image of business aviation and shaping the many regulatory issues facing the industry. "Working together as an industry is the only way we will weather this storm," he said.

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