Teaming Agreement Signed Between Delta Airlines and Lambda Technologies

CINCINNATI -- Lambda Technologies and Delta Airlines have signed a teaming agreement providing Delta TechOps access to Lambda's proprietary Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) technology for the improvement of component life and performance. The agreement also stipulates that the two companies will jointly market the LPB process for commercial aircraft MRO applications throughout the industry.

LPB is a patented surface enhancement process that has been demonstrated to improve the fatigue life and performance of expensive and critical aircraft components such as landing gear, propellers, hubs, and turbine engine blades. Lambda has demonstrated successful production programs to significantly improve foreign object damage (FOD) tolerance, fretting, and high cycle fatigue endurance limits while completely mitigating stress corrosion cracking with state-of-the-art CNC production technology and process control.

The agreement provides both Delta's own fleet and Delta TechOps customers LPB processed components with improved fatigue properties and damage tolerance at reduced cost. Delta will also be able to refurbish with the LPB process and return to service many components where replacements aren’t available. The opportunities for cost reduction and life extension are available just in time to relieve some of the current economic pressure on the industry.

"The addition of LPB to the Delta TechOp's 'tool kit' will provide Delta and their MRO customers with a competitive edge by providing improved component performance and life at reduced cost," says Jeff Peiter, Ops Support Engineering, Manager, Enabling Technologies for Delta.

"Delta's incorporation of LPB into their wide range of MRO services will improve their customer's profit potential by reducing maintenance costs and extending component life," says Paul S. Prevéy, CEO and Director of Engineering, Lambda Technologies.

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