Hartzell Earns STC for ASC-II Composite "Top Prop" for Piper Matrix, Mirage

PIQUA, OH -- The latest addition to Hartzell Propeller's Top Prop line up is its second generation, advanced composite propeller now STC'd and available for Piper PA46 Matrix and Mirage piston-engine aircraft. The three-blade propellers offer weight savings through a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar blades and its lightweight aluminum hub. This combination saves nearly 11 pounds on the nose versus Hartzell's first generation advanced composite propeller that is currently standard on these aircraft.

This is Hartzell's first certification for the ASC-II approved for flight into known ice (FIKI) with its electrothermal de-ice system installed. Hartzell’s ASC-II advanced composite blades comprise a proprietary layup of carbon fiber and Kevlar with an integral stainless steel shank and co-molded electroformed nickel leading edges.

Given the location of the propeller, the weight reduction allows a seven-gallon increase in fuel capacity in the extreme-forward CG case, which adds up to 30 minutes of flight time at the economy cruise power setting, or approximately 90 miles further range at 18,000 feet. Cruise performance was measured on-average nearly two knots faster than published POH speeds.

Flight testing also showed the use of the propeller reduced cylinder head temperatures (CHT) and oil temps in a Vy best-climb speed by approximately 6 degrees and high-altitude cruise oil temperature by approximately 15 degrees.

"The reduced price combined with benefits in performance, weight savings and lower noise are matching our predicted targets for our ASC-II product line," says Mike Trudeau, Hartzell Top Prop program manager. "Top Props, whether composite or aluminum, are leading the constant speed propeller market by a wide and ever-increasing margin, thanks to customer feedback and intensive investments in R&D."