CAE Receives FAA Approval for Six e-Learning-based Maintenance Training Courses

ORLANDO, FL -- CAE has received Inspection Authorization (IA) approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for six of its e-Learning maintenance training courses.

The e-Learning courses, which are offered to maintenance technicians remotely over the web, include the B737NG engine ground operations, advanced digital principles, human factors, maintenance diagnostic systems (MDS), and reduced vertical separation minimums (RVSM).

"Our web-based courses help our customers work more efficiently by providing easy, flexible access to high-quality training material," says Jeff Roberts, CAE's Group President, Civil Products and Training & Services. "By expanding our portfolio of web-based courses, we continue to meet our customers' needs for cost-effective solutions in these challenging economic times."

As part of their training program, maintenance technicians must train a specific number of hours in order to have their IA certificate renewed. Web-based courses offer maintenance technicians a new way to gain qualified hours, traditionally available through instructor-led courses.

Along with the six e-Learning courses, 89 other CAE maintenance training courses received IA approval from the FAA.

CAE's e-Learning and courseware training solutions provide enhanced self-paced courses and practice tools for initial/transition, recurrent, refresher pilot and maintenance training. They can be integrated into existing airline training programs or offered as part of CAE's advanced training programs, specially designed to maximize customer value by reducing training costs and providing more efficient usage of higher-end training devices.

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