Welch Allyn Lighting Products Offers Replacement Reading Lamps for Aircraft

SKANEATELES FALLS, NY -- Welch Allyn Lighting Products, a manufacturer of aircraft halogen reading lamps, has expanded its family of long-life replacement halogen reading lamps to include two new models for use on several Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier aircraft. The new lamps offer lifetimes up to four times as long as current equipment, significantly lowering cost of ownership, and annual spend for maintenance. Welch Allyn also offers an extended express warranty on many of its replacement reading lamp models.

"Welch Allyn is pleased to offer Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier aircraft owners two new long-life halogen reading lamps that feature rated lifetimes of 8,000 and 3,200 hours versus 2,000 hours for the original parts," says Doug Rutan, Welch Allyn marketing manager.

Welch Allyn's replacement lamp family now includes a lamp, part number 998502-7, that is a replacement for 8GH004554-28. It is FAA-PMA approved for Airbus models A318, A319, A320, A330 and A340. Another Welch Allyn lamp, part number 998502-24, is a replacement for 8GH007429-28. It is FAA-PMA approved for Boeing model MD-90 and most Bombardier CL-class aircraft. These new approved lamps join a product family that currently includes lamp 998502-18 (PMA replacement for 8GH005678-06) and lamp 998502-2 (PMA replacement for 8GH005448-28).

Welch Allyn's extended express warranty extends from the date of manufacture through as long as 24 months for some models. The warranty applies if the lamp fails to operate or burns out within the warranty period. The warranty is available on popular selected part numbers.

Welch Allyn will offer the new replacement lamps through LaSalle Electric Supply Company. For more information visit www.lasalleelectric.com and www.walamp.com.