Stevens Aviation Receives PMA for the Lear 60

GREENVILLE, SC -- Stevens Aviation announces that it has received a Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) for avionics upgrades to the Lear 60 series aircraft. PMA Number PQ4033CE was granted to Stevens Aviation Inc. in February and carries approval for their STC STO2596CH. This STC covers the installation of the Universal Avionics EFI-890R Multi-Function Display System with the Application Server Unit and the optional Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System in the Learjet 60 series aircraft (Type Certification number A10CE).

Through its Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR), Stevens Aviation will export kits for upgrading Lear 60 series aircraft with the Universal EFI-890R system.

"With this PMA, we are able to provide an economic upgrade option to Lear 60 operators around the globe," says Jim Williams, vice president of avionics programs. This new kit creates a significant upgrade path for Lear 60s wherever they are based.

"With our upgrades and modifications, we can make a Learjet virtually last forever. The airframe is so well-built and has such a solid reputation for performance, it is only natural for us to offer upgrade options."

Under the new Lear 60 PMA, Stevens Aviation will offer an upgrade kit that modernizes the Lear 60 with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and avionics suite. Like the Lear4Ever design, installation of the kit will streamline the Learjet flight deck and make the aircraft easier and safer to operate. The standard kit will include the Multi-Function Display System and the Application Server Unit. An expanded option will also incorporate the Vision-1 synthetic vision system. Stevens Aviation will add other STCd avionics products to this PMA approval as those opportunities arise.

Stevens Aviation is currently in negotiations with several global partners for distribution and installation of the Lear 60 kit.