Dassault's Falcon 2000LX Awarded EASA and FAA Certification

SAINT-CLOUD, FRANCE – Dassault Falcon announced today that the newest member of the Falcon family of business jets, the 4000 nm Falcon 2000LX, has received certification from the FAA. EASA certification was granted on April 23. The first delivery will be made in early May.

"The Falcon 2000LX offers the lowest operating costs of any airplane in the large cabin class and is an ideal solution for today’s challenging economic times," says John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon. "It's the most fuel efficient airplane in the large cabin class which means a lower fuel bill and lower fuel emissions. It can land and depart from short airfields so you can land closer to your destination and beat your competition to grow your business."

The Falcon 2000LX offers a 10 to 15 percent climb speed improvement (over the Falcon 2000EX) allowing it to reach 41,000 feet in 18 minutes. The Falcon 2000LX comes standard with the EASy flight deck.

The 2000LX program involved the joint efforts of Dassault Falcon and Aviation Partners Inc. in Seattle, WA. Dassault is responsible for new production aircraft while Aviation Partners, the owner of the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate, is responsible for the retrofit of in-service Falcon 2000 aircraft API developed this High-Mach Blended Winglet specifically for the already-optimized Dassault Falcon wing design. Modifications such as reinforcing straps on the upper and lower wing panels and servo actuator door to accommodate the increased loads were needed. The final result is a baseline wingspan for the 2000LX that is six feet nine inches longer than the 2000EX while adding minimal weight.

The Falcon 2000LX is powered by the same Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines as the 2000EX. The PW308C is rated at 7,000 pounds thrust (ISA + 15C) and recently passed 220,000 flight hours on the Falcon fleet.