Local Rocketeers Achieve Sky-high Success in NASA Student Launch Projects

Thirty-three student teams compete in rocket-building challenge.

All prize-winning teams received plaques and participation trophies from the Marshall Center and ATK Space Systems. The final two university division awards -- "Rookie Team of the Year" and "Best Overall Team of the Year" -- will be presented in May after teams have submitted their post-launch and science payload reports, due May 8. NASA and ATK judges will review the reports.

Based on the final reports, teams' preliminary presentations and outreach efforts, and the results of the launch-day flights, NASA and ATK will pick the 2008-2009 champion. ATK will present the top team with a $5,000 grand prize, and NASA will invite them to an upcoming space shuttle launch.

For a complete roster of participants and more information about the events and other NASA education projects visit education.msfc.nasa.gov/sli and www.nasa.gov/education.

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