Avtrak Announces Special Cessna Citation Pricing

DENVER, CO – Avtrak LLC introduces a special pricing offer for maintenance tracking services geared for Cessna Citation operators. Cessna's decision to sell CESCOM(1) to CAMP(2) means that all CESCOM customers will be forced to change their maintenance tracking system sometime over the next few months.

"We want to let these customers know that they have a choice," says Glenn Hertzler, Avtrak's President. "The name 'CESCOM' may remain but the essential elements that distinguish an OEM tracking system will change, including the system itself and the fact that the people supporting the program will no longer be employed by Cessna. Avtrak has supported the full line of Cessna Citations for many years and looks forward to supporting many more."

Avtrak's offer includes a free enrollment and an annual subscription price of $1,500 per Citation.

Avtrak's GlobalNet system automatically generates the Maintenance Transaction Report (MTR). This allows Avtrak users to maintain consistency in their Citation maintenance records -- protecting the resale value of their aircraft. Avtrak also supports more than 170 different aircraft types.