AMTA Donates Charles E. Taylor Busts

AMTA has raised the necessary funds to purchase a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor to donate to the United States Air Force Academy. Details as to when and how the USAF will accept this bust are pending. AMTA wishes to thank Mr. and Mrs. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Lange, the Klippel Family, family members of Gilbert Taylor, Dan Cunningham and the Knucklebusters Committee from McChord AFB, and the donors who wish to remain anonymous. The AMTA web site ( will be updated showing donor contributions shortly.

AMTA will donate a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor to Southwest Airlines on May 21, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. Reuben and Charles Taylor, son and grandson of Charles E. Taylor, are scheduled to attend to help celebrate this donation. The AMTA wishes to thank the many donations from SWA AMTs and employees, as well as the Taylor Family, in making this bust donation a reality. Photos will be linked to the web site after the event.