AAR to Provide Cargo System for Launch of 767-300 Conversion Program

WOOD DALE, IL — AAR announces that it has been selected by IAI’s Bedek Aviation Group (IAI) to provide the cargo system for the launch of its 767-300 conversion program. IAI is converting a 767-300 from its current passenger configuration into the modern and efficient General Market Freighter (GMF) configuration. AAR will manufacture the GMF system at its facility in Goldsboro, NC.

In 2002, AAR worked closely with IAI to develop a GMF system for the 767-200 as part of the first aftermarket freighter program for this aircraft type. Upon completion of the 767-300 program, AAR will hold Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) with IAI for both the 767-200 and 767-300. AAR also holds an STC with Boeing/Aeronavali for 767-200 cargo systems and is the only company in the industry to hold STCs with both companies for these aircraft conversions.

"We are very pleased that we were selected by IAI and look forward to working with them on this program," says Vincent Misciagna, General Manager of AAR Cargo Systems. "The new STC with IAI gives operators who want to standardize on the AAR platform more choices for their cargo conversions."

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