Chromalloy Joint Venture Has New Pricing Structure for High Pressure Turbine Engine Blades

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Chromalloy announces that its joint venture company, BELAC LLC, has reduced the cost of its High Pressure Turbine (HPT) blades by nine percent.

"Under BELAC's new pricing structure, commercial and military aircraft operators can save an average $200,000 to $300,000 on a single set of HPT turbine blades over the purchase of original equipment manufacturer products," says Chong Yi, President, BELAC LLC. "Beginning immediately, BELAC prices are nine percent lower than the previous cost to customers. In today's operating environment, this price reduction will translate to a significant reduction in overall maintenance costs. While the original equipment manufacturers continue to raise prices for these parts, BELAC has chosen to adjust our price structure down to reduce the cost to the customers."

Over the course of seven years and approximately 200 million flight hours, BELAC's HPT blades have demonstrated outstanding high quality, reliability and performance, says Yi.

"Our engineered blades are subject to the very same FAA requirements and scrutiny as OEM blades, but cost significantly less – and for commercial and military aircraft operators that translates to significant savings," he says.

PMA replacement parts are FAA certified to meet or exceed the performance, reliability and durability specifications of OEM parts for gas turbine engines.

BELAC also offers immediate delivery and shipment of CFM56 and CF6 HPT blades to operators anywhere in the world for AOG (aircraft on ground) events or unscheduled maintenance.

BELAC LLC is a joint venture formed in 1998 by Chromalloy and several major commercial airline partners.