FLYING's Parade of Planes Announces Final Exhibitor List for Midwest Event

DULUTH, MN – AMPT Associates released an updated list of companies that will exhibit new aircraft for sale at FLYING Magazine's Parade of Planes-Midwest. Popular aircraft ranging from Light Sport Aircraft under $100,000 to cabin class business/pleasure aircraft exceeding $6.4 million will be on display from May 14–16, 2009. Executive Beechcraft will host the event at its New Century AirCenter Airport (KIXD) FBO located south of Olathe, KS.

Para strives to offer something for every potential new aircraft owner by assembling a cross-section of the most popular aircraft on the market from various segments in various price ranges. Tube and fabric tail draggers, Light Sport Aircraft, piston singles and twins, single and twin-engine turboprops and light jets – it's all at FLYING Magazine's Parade of Planes in some shape or form. Plus the industry’s best and brightest aircraft Buyer’s Resources will be on-site to answer the pre-purchase questions regarding tax, finance and insurance. Advocate Tax Consulting, Aero Credit finance, and NationAir aviation insurance are an integral part of what makes Parade of Planes such an effective venue for both aircraft consumers and retailers.

And, for aviators looking to share the cost of a new or currently owned aircraft, the Aircraft Partnership Association will introduce would-be aircraft owners to the high-tech world of using a secure Internet pilot database to match like-minded aviators desirous of sharing the total cost of ownership on a similar budget.

Anyone interested in visiting FLYING Magazine's Parade of Planes–Midwest in May, Southeast in August, or West in October can visit to pre-register.

The following aircraft brands and resources are scheduled to be at FLYING's Parade of Planes-Midwest (actual aircraft models to be determined by exhibitor):


  • Cessna (represented by Kansas Aircraft) – Cessna offers the widest selection of high-wing all-metal aircraft and low-wing all-composite aircraft available on the market.
  • Cirrus – Manufacturing a line of parachute-equipped aircraft, the SR20, SR22, TURBO and Vision personal jet are available in the broadest variety of options, interiors and avionics suites available. The SR22, the best-selling piston aircraft model for six consecutive years, is now available with an option certified for flight into known icing.
  • CubCrafters – Manufacturer of the LSA category Sport Cub S2 and the standard category Top Cub, CubCrafters also specializes in complete refurbishments of the PA18 Super Cub.
  • Diamond – Manufacturer of a complete line of all-composite piston aircraft including the 2-place DA20, 4-place DA40, and the all-weather, twin-engine DA42 in both gasoline and diesel-powered versions. Diamond also offers the single-engine turbine-powered D-Jet for the ultimate in pressurized personal transportation.
  • Extra (represented by Southeast Aero) – As the world's premier aerobatic aircraft, the Extra 300 is the only unlimited category certified aerobatic aircraft approved for 10 positive and 10 negative Gs.
  • Gobosh – The all-metal 700 and all-composite 800 series aircraft are equipped with premium amenities to make them Luxury Sport Aircraft for discerning Sport Pilots.
  • Hawker Beechcraft – Manufacturing a full-line of piston-single and twin, cabin-class twin-engine turboprops and business jets for business, pleasure, training and special missions.
  • Husky – Certified for over 20 years, the Husky by Aviat Aircraft can be placed on floats, skis and tundra tires to take adventurous aviators as far as their imagination.
  • Liberty – Designed to meet the most demanding specifications of any FAA-certified, 2-place aircraft, the XL-2 boasts operating costs 40 percent lower than anything in its class.
  • Pilatus (represented by Kansas City Aviation Center) – Manufacturing aircraft since 1939, Pilatus boasts over 2,000 aircraft in service worldwide. The PC-12 is renowned for precision, quality and versatility.
  • Piper (represented by Kansas City Aviation Center) – Piper manufactures a premium line of all-weather, cabin-class, piston, turboprop and turbine-powered products designed for high-performance and comfort.
  • Remos – With folding wings, the all-composite GX boasts one of the most unique features of any aircraft. The GX can be stored in minimal space but provides maximum pleasure for the Sport Pilot.


  • Aircraft Finance (represented by Aero Credit Corporation) – Aero Credit is the resource behind many private label aircraft finance companies. Their vast resources, diverse portfolio of options and expertise with piston and turbine aircraft allow them to offer the most attractive terms available.
  • Aviation Insurance (represented by NationAir Aviation Insurance) – For more than 30 years, NationAir has been insuring aircraft. Their keen understanding of various aircraft, sensible risk assessment and unsurpassed customer service make NationAir the “go to” source for aviation insurance needs.
  • Aviation Taxation (represented by Advocate Tax Consulting) - Providing professional aviation tax and legal advice on the advantages of purchasing a new and pre-owned aircraft as a business tool is what makes Advocate the most respected consultancy in the business.


  • Aircraft Partnership Association – Regardless of the aircraft type (new, used or currently owned) the APA is dedicated to helping aviators form private partnerships to reduce the total cost of ownership. Pilots can become APA members for free and then visit the Virtual Pilot Lounge to search for potential partners in a secure environment.


  • Executive Beechcraft – Providing premium service 24/7/365, Executive Beechcraft’s four Midwest locations will meet the needs of any aircraft operator. In addition to being a full-service FBO, the Executive Beechcraft network includes factory-authorized service for Hawker Beechcraft, Cirrus, Mooney and Cessna piston products.
  • FLYING Magazine – As the most widely read aviation publication in the world, no one brings the passion of flying to life for aviation enthusiasts better than FLYING Magazine.


  • AMPT Associates – AMPT is a full-service aviation marketing firm providing advertising creative, media management, public relations and crisis communications, strategic planning, event management and more.

Remaining 2009 Parade of Planes Locations & Dates:

  • KIXD – Olathe, KS (hosted by Executive Beechcraft) May 14–16, 2009
  • KLZU – Lawrenceville, GA (hosted by Aircraft Specialists Jet Center) Aug. 13-15, 2009
  • KHWD – Hayward, CA (hosted by Volo Aviation) Oct. 15-17, 2009

A complete list of exhibitors by event location can always be found at under the Events section of News & Events.