ExecuJet Europe Receives CAMO PLUS Status

The ExecuJet Aviation Group announces the recent extension of its Airworthiness Management status in Europe from CAMO to CAMO PLUS. ExecuJet have been offering Airworthiness Management, in accordance with its Approval Certificates (Part M, Subpart G), for European entities in Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland on behalf of EASA as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). These approvals have been extended to a CAMO PLUS (Part M, Subpart G & I) certification in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland which entitles it to issue/recommend Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) for all aircraft registered within an EASA country, even if not enrolled in an ExecuJet AOC. For external customers, ExecuJet can issue a recommendation for an ARC to the Member State, which needs to be done on a yearly basis.

Since September 2008, all commercial aircraft registered in an EASA country (EU countries, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland) must be managed by a CAMO and the Certificate of Airworthiness must be accompanied by a renewable ARC. This will also apply for all private aircraft registered from Sept. 28, 2009 onwards.

"With the new regulations coming into affect this year, it is essential that business jet owners ensure they are registered with a CAMO," says Peter Hartmann, Aircraft Operations Director, ExecuJet Europe. "As a CAMO PLUS ExecuJet are additionally able to issue an ARC to both management clients and independent operators."