AssociatedAir Center Signs Contract for Airbus Corporate Jet

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Associated Air Center (AAC) announces that it has signed a new contract for the completion of a green Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ). The contract, signed back on March 6, represents AAC's 16th ACJ completion since becoming an Airbus Authorized Completion and Service Center in 2003. The aircraft represents the second ACJ completion for the same Head-of-State client.

"This repeat business opportunity comes to us as a result of our ability to effectively fulfill the customer's expectations upon completing their first ACJ aircraft in 2003 and the excellent support that AAC has continued to provide since then," says Jack Lawless, President, Associated Air Center and Chief Operating Officer, StandardAero.

The green aircraft will be arriving in Dallas on or about July 16, 2009, and it is scheduled to be delivered back to the client on or about May 15, 2010.