ARINC DirectSM Adds Local Dialing Option Around the Globe to Its Direct Dial Service for Business Aircraft

Annapolis, Maryland, USA, May 11, 2009 -- ARINC DirectSM has added a convenient new local dialing option to its ground-to-air telephone service for operators of business aircraft based outside the United States. ARINC’s Direct Dial InternationalSM service allows ARINC Direct subscribers to place phone calls directly to their aircraft by dialing a telephone number that is local for them.

The new service eliminates a previous requirement to dial a number local to the United States when placing calls to corporate aircraft.

Direct Dial International is available immediately to customers of ARINC Direct from 75 countries and hundreds of metropolitan areas around the globe, including much of Europe. Aircraft operators may reserve local telephone numbers in several countries to simplify calling aircraft around the world.

“Our European customers have been especially eager for this introduction of locally dialed telephone access to their aircraft,” stated Dave Poltorak, ARINC Vice President and Managing Director, ARINC EMEA. “We are proud to introduce Direct Dial International as an industry first that makes corporate communications simpler and more convenient.”

At the subscriber’s option, ARINC Direct can assign a local phone number either to one specific aircraft or an entire fleet. Callers can simply choose the desired aircraft, and the handset location onboard, from an easy-to-use voice menu after dialing.

ARINC’s Direct Dial International service also offers dynamic routing, enabling calls to be connected to the aircraft seamlessly via Inmarsat Classic, Inmarsat Swift, Verizon AirfoneTM, or Iridium satellite services. And an automatic fax detection feature allows sending faxes to the aircraft via the same local number with no user intervention required.

“We believe our Direct Dial International service offers the industry’s best features for corporate and business users, as well as the best value,” continued Poltorak. “It represents a new standard in direct dialed phone service.”

ARINC Direct, an essential partner to business aviation, offers a diverse array of flight support services including flight planning, weather, flight following, contract fuel, and international trip support services. ARINC Direct Mobile access allows business jet operators to create and submit flight plans via BlackBerry® type personal wireless devices. ARINC Direct offers world-standard data link and satellite communications for the flight deck, and ARINC Direct business passenger communications solutions include Direct Dial and Direct Dial International, Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, faxing, and video conferencing. ARINC Direct connectivity choices include the full range of Inmarsat services, Iridium services, and SKYLinkSM, the only true Ku-band broadband service for business aircraft.

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