Lufthansa Private Jet With Its Own Fleet

Lufthansa Private Jet is now offering exclusive and flexible flight options in its own fleet of three different-sized aircraft types: Three aircraft of the Cessna Citation CJ1+ type (light size – seating four passengers), two Cessna Citation CJ3 (small size – six passengers) and two Cessna Citation XLS+ jets (mid size – seven passengers). In addition to now operating its own private jets, Lufthansa will continue cooperating with selected and certified partners, such as DC Aviation (DCA) and Jet Alliance, so as to be able to react flexibly when demand peaks.

"We are the world's only airline to run a successful private jet service alongside our scheduled flights," says Dr. Karsten Benz, Lufthansa Vice President Sales and Services Europe. "Even in these economically difficult times, we are investing in new products and services, offering flexibility and exclusivity to premium passengers. With the LPJ service, we are once again pioneering an important trend in air traffic."

Lufthansa is the first commercial operator in Europe of the Cessna Citation XLS+. The stand-up cabin of the Citation XLS+ has been optimized with improved sound insulation, leather seats, and generous headroom. Other details include more legroom, ergonomic seats, and efficient air-conditioning. All the private jets in the Lufthansa fleet come in neutral livery, albeit in the distinctive Lufthansa colors. The cabin interior closely resembles the design, materials, and color scheme of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. The terminal's interior designer, Bernd Hollin, was called in as consultant on the aircraft design.

SWISS PrivateAviation is responsible for the management of the Lufthansa Private Jet fleet on Lufthansa's behalf. SWISS Private Aviation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SWISS International Air Lines, provides specialist services in aircraft management. Within the Lufthansa Group, it has access to ideal conditions and facilities for crew training, as well established airline security and quality processes, worldwide sales channels, and aviation expertise.