Boeing Assembles Forward Fuselage for First 747-8 Freighter

EVERETT, WA -- Boeing has a milestone for the first 747-8 Freighter by completing assembly of the airplane's forward fuselage. The 89-foot, two-inch (27.2 m) fuselage section, featuring the airplane's signature upper deck, was moved from the final assembly installation tool for sealing and testing before beginning systems installation.

The 747-8 features a stretched fuselage compared to that of the 747-400. It is 18 feet, four inches (5.6 m) longer than its predecessor. Much of the stretch -- 13 feet, four inches (4.1 m) -- is located in the forward fuselage. The remaining additional five feet (1.5 m) are located aft of the wing. The 747-8 Freighter's stretched fuselage offers 16 percent more cargo volume than the 747-400 Freighter, providing space for four additional main-deck pallets and three additional pallets in the lower hold.

The Boeing 747-8 Freighter and Intercontinental are the new, high-capacity 747s that offer low operating costs while providing enhanced environmental performance.