ServiceElements Provides Skills Training for Managers

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- ServiceElements International expands its strategic training initiatives with Chevron Global Aviation to provide specialized management and supervisor training.

For more than two years, Chevron Global Aviation dealers have received customer service training provided by ServiceElements. This next level of training will provide managers and supervisors with people management skills to help enhance facility operations through improved communications, employee retention, and gains in operational efficiencies.

"The economic climate demands that we provide even more training tools for our dealers rather than less," says Bob Taylor, Manager of Branded Programs, Chevron Global Aviation. "We've received excellent dealer feedback from our fundamental customer service training offered by ServiceElements and are looking forward to similar success from the management and supervisor training."

Registration for the two-day course will begin in the second half of the year. Locations will include centralized sites to provide training to multiple FBOs in one setting as well as on-site training for programs that are exclusive to an individual FBO.

"These types of training programs provide exceptional value for the Chevron Global Aviation's dealer network," says ServiceElements CEO and president, Bob Hobbi. "Even seasoned managers will find new strategies and techniques for managing people in the FBO environment -- especially as a new generation of employees begins to fill our workforce."

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