FAA Approves Power Flow Systems' Tuned Exhaust System for the Cessna Cardinal RG

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Power Flow Systems has received FAA approval for the tuned exhaust system it developed for the Cessna Cardinal RG. Flight tests revealed that Cardinal RGs can expect a 3–7 knot increase in cruise speed, up to 20 percent improvement in rate of climb, and fuel savings of up to 1.5 gph at normal cruise settings. The service ceiling of the Cardinal increases by 2,000–5,000 feet and the engine runs considerably smoother. It does all this without any modifications to the cowl. Basically, the tuned exhaust system allows the aircraft engine to deliver its full rated horsepower, while running cooler and more efficiently.

End user response to some of the first kits shipped out was positive and enthusiastic. "In my airplane the Power Flow provides substantial benefits in takeoff and climb and a truly remarkable increase in speed," says Keith Peterson. "It turns my Cardinal RG into a noticeably different airplane."

"The fuel flow is dramatically improved … and the engine runs cooler," says Phil Fisher.

John Peck finds that "acceleration and climb were dramatically better and cruise was somewhere between 5 and 7 knots faster."

A tuned exhaust system was developed for the fixed gear Cardinal several years ago, with similar results. The tuned exhaust provides for better evacuation of gases after firing. That in turn allows a higher volume of fuel/air mixture into the cylinder, making the firing action more powerful. With more air passing through the engine, it runs cooler and more efficiently.

For more information visit www.powerflowsystems.com.