FAA Renews Mechanics' Aviation Safety Action Program

FORT WORTH, TX-- American Airlines, in conjunction with the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), announce the FAA's renewal of the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for American's mechanics.

American and TWU have had a program in place for 11 years and with the FAA approved renewal of the program, ASAP will be extended for two more years. The TWU/American Airlines ASAP maintenance program is the longest running in U.S. commercial aviation.

ASAP is a safety partnership organized by American, the union, and the FAA, designed to encourage employees to voluntarily report safety-related information. The reports help identify potential precursors to serious safety incidents. For the first time in the program's history, the ASAP program will now have a "Just Culture" provision that will go beyond specific incidents and explore the systems, policies and procedures that may have contributed to an event or a possible incident.

"The benefits of having ASAP programs in place for our mechanics, as well as our flight attendants, dispatchers, and pilots cannot be overstated," says Peggy Sterling, American's Vice President-Safety, Security & Environmental. "The process is an incentive for employees to disclose issues that might not otherwise come to light, which then gives the company, the FAA, and the union the opportunity to analyze and respond to potential safety issues proactively."

According to Robert Gless, the AA System Coordinator and Assistant Director of TWU's Air Transport Division, "When it comes to passenger safety and security programs we stand shoulder to shoulder with American. We are very proud that our ASAP program is a model for the entire industry."

The information gathered in the ASAP reports will be analyzed jointly by an American representative, a representative from the TWU, and the FAA in order to develop and implement effective solutions to possible safety concerns. Addressing prospective safety concerns is essential to reducing future accidents and incidents.

The program is designed for employees to report safety-related issues through a non-punitive reporting process. Participation in ASAP is voluntary and confidential.