Cessna Approves Abaris for Corvalis Training

RENO, NV -- Cessna Aircraft Co. has chosen Abaris Training as the sole approved training facility in the United States for its new Corvalis 350/400TT models. To provide structural repairs for Corvalis aircraft, Cessna recommends that at least one technician in each Cessna Authorized Service Center complete coursework at an approved training facility.

Abaris Training has provided training for the Corvalis, formerly called Columbia, beginning in April 2008 and is the only U.S. facility approved by Cessna for the aircraft. The course is taught by Abaris instructors Corrie Volinkaty and Michael Meringolo, who served as production manager for both Columbia and Corvalis in Bend, OR, for six years.

Corvalis, the first Cessna aircraft to feature all composite technology, presents new challenges for service technicians. Techniques of repair and maintenance for advanced composite materials differ from those used for metal construction.

The new composite repair course will provide a broader knowledge of composites and their use in new aircraft, thereby allowing safer repairs and building confidence in proper procedures. The five-day course must be scheduled through Cessna Maintenance Training Administrator Thomas Rybarczyk at (316) 517-2757.

"We are proud to provide technical training for Cessna and the Corvalis aircraft," says Michael Hoke, Abaris president. "Students will receive extensive training and personal attention in the theory and practice of structural repairs to this innovative aircraft in our classes."

For more information visit www.abaris.com.