Eurocopter Debuts EC175 Helicopter at the Paris Air Show

Eurocopter is presenting the EC175 for the first time in Europe at the 48th Paris Air Show. A full-scale mock-up of the 16-seat civil helicopter in its corporate version is on display at the EADS stand (Hall 2A, no. 151). The EC175 program is jointly managed by Eurocopter and HAIG, Eurocopter's Chinese partner.

"We are delighted to present the latest addition to our range for the first time in Europe," says, President and CEO of Eurocopter. "The EC175 program is on time, with the maiden flight scheduled for the end of the year. The Paris Air Show is also an opportunity for us to show that Eurocopter has the most comprehensive range of helicopters in the world, and that we can offer customers a helicopter for every type of mission."

During the show, Eurocopter's latest-generation combat helicopter, the Tiger, will perform daily flight demonstrations. The qualification for the Tiger's operational entry into service was recently issued and the HAP (combat support helicopter) version of the aircraft will be on display.

The naval version of the NH90 – NFH (NATO frigate helicopter) will perform a flight demonstration on June 15 and 16, the first two days of the show. Eurocopter has a 62.5 percent share in NHIndustries, the consortium behind the NH90. To date, 14 customer countries have ordered 529 NH90s in the aircraft's naval (NFH) and tactical transport helicopter (TTH) versions.

Eurocopter will have no less than six helicopters on static display on the tarmac (in front of Hall 2A) at Le Bourget Airport:

  • An AS550 Fennec. The military version of the Ecureuil/AStar is often used for pilot training, as well as reconnaissance and light utility transport missions. The AS550 C3 Fennec excels in extreme weather conditions (hot and cold temperatures).
  • An EC135 belonging to the French Gendarmerie. The French Gendarmerie has just begun operating this type of light twin engine helicopter. The EC135 can perform parapublic missions, such as law enforcement duties for police departments, border control and coast guard operations. It can also carry out emergency medical services, such as urgently transporting the sick or injured.
  • An EC145 Stylence. This aircraft in its corporate configuration is used to transport passengers, in particular business clientele, for whom the helicopter saves precious time.
  • An AS565 MB Panther. The military version of the Dauphin performs search & rescue missions and maritime surveillance duties. It can also be used in the fight against piracy. The aircraft presented at the Paris Air Show is destined for Bulgaria, which recently chose the AS565 Panther to modernize its fleet and comply with NATO standards.
  • An EC225. This aircraft is used to transport passengers and equipment to and from oil & gas platforms. It can also perform search & rescue missions at sea. The EC225 on static display at the Paris Air Show will be operated in the oil & gas industry in Vietnam.
  • A Tiger prototype. The latest-generation combat helicopter.

Finally, on the neighboring stand, NHIndustries is displaying the NH90 NFH, the naval version of the NH90.

Eurocopter is sharing a stand with its parent company EADS (Hall 2A, no. 151) and also has a chalet.