CAF Announces New Exclusive Presenting Sponsor for AIRSHO

MIDLAND, TX — Western National Bank (WNB) will present the 2009 CAF AIRSHO Oct. 9-11, 2009, above Midland International Airport between Midland and Odessa, TX.

"The CAF is excited to announce Western National Bank as the Exclusive Presenting Sponsor for CAF AIRSHO 2009,” says CAF President Stephan C. Brown. "This two-year agreement with a strong community leader is very encouraging to us in times like these. The CAF, and the many local members/volunteers, depends heavily on team spirit to make AIRSHO a success. We welcome WNB to the team."

"Western National Bank is pleased to be the new Exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the AIRSHO," says WNB President and CEO Jack Wood. "Because we are a locally-owned community bank, we believe it's important to be involved in events like this that benefit the entire community. Plus, it's just a lot of fun for the whole family."

Thanks to WNB's support, the CAF has been able to invite all Midland, Ector, and Howard county fifth graders for a free Jr. Aces Special Show on Friday along with the special needs kids from the area.

AIRSHO features more than 100 aircraft on display and in the air, ranging from early vintage aircraft to today's American military. CAF AIRSHO takes great pride in bringing modern military to the public along with the historic aircraft of the CAF fleet.

"We are excited to showcase the F-16 Viper West Coast Demo Team and Heritage Flight, as well as a demonstration from the C-17 Globemaster," says AIRSHO Director, Gena Linebarger. "We know the crowd will enjoy seeing a fly-over by the B-52 Stratofortress Bomber. Also, on static display will be a wide variety of other modern military aircraft ranging from trainers to the B-1 Bomber."

For the first time, the CAF is hosting a Saturday night USO-style show immediately following AIRSHO. The show will feature live entertainment to rival the glamour and excitement of the World War II Canteens. Admission to the evening show will be free for those who have purchased AIRSHO tickets.

The show will feature Vietnam-era aircraft and aerial reenactments from the war, along with recreated historic battles of World War II using the CAF's collection of rare classic warbirds. The show will include aerial dogfights, simulated bomb explosions, and a recreation of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor with the Tora, Tora, Tora pilots.

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