Belac CF6-80C2 HPT Blades Achieve 10,000 Flight Hours

PARIS – Chromalloy announces today that the CF6-80C2 High Pressure Turbine (HPT) blades produced by its joint venture company, BELAC LLC, reached 10,000 flight hours of continuous use by a major global air carrier.

"This significant milestone by the fleet leader of BELAC’s CF6-80C2 HPT blades demonstrates outstanding performance and reliability under the rigor of commercial air operation," says Chong Yi, President, BELAC LLC. "The blades are a proven alternative to original equipment manufacturer turbine engine blades."

The fleet leader or first customer for the CF6-80C2 HPT blades logged the single largest number of flight hours using the BELAC blades. "Other commercial operators have logged thousands of flight hours using the blades as an alternative to new OEM blades and replacements for non-repairable blades," says Yi.

CF6-80C2 engine operators using the HPT blades logged a combined total of more than 520,000 flight hours of use during global air operations.

"Our blades are subject to the same type of rigorous engineering design and manufacturing processes and FAA scrutiny as OEM blades," says Yi. "As independently manufactured replacement parts, HPT blades cost operators significantly less – and the cost savings to the operators multiply over the life cycle of the aircraft."