Conklin & de Decker Releases 2009 Aircraft Performance Comparator

ORLEANS, MA – Conklin & de Decker recently announced the 2009 edition of its Aircraft Performance Comparator. Part of a family of software products created by Conklin & de Decker, the Aircraft Performance Comparator is an aircraft performance comparison tool and now includes some of the latest aircraft that are still in development.

Newly added aircraft in this 2009 edition include the Hawker Beechcraft Premier II, Dassault Falcon 7X has been updated with winglets, Mooney Acclaim, Mooney Ovation, and the Diamond DA-42 with auxiliary tanks. In addition, the Dassault Falcon 9X and the Gulfstream 250 have been added with preliminary data.

This software program allows the user to easily overlay and compare aircraft interiors and exteriors and critical performance data that comes directly from the manufacturer's approved aircraft flight and performance manuals. In the new 2009 edition, users will have the ability to print detailed side-by-side comparisons of two aircraft.

"This is a great tool for dealers and brokers or anyone going through the aircraft acquisition process," says Bill de Decker, President and co-founder of Conklin & de Decker. "We continue to add the latest models to this product and just like the Columbus and Gulfstream 650, we add them to the database even before deliveries begin."

The Aircraft Performance Comparator databases are grouped by Jets, Turboprops, Helicopters, and Pistons. Discounts for multiple databases run from $100 to $300. Customized reports for individual aircraft can be special ordered for $100 per aircraft with a 20 percent discount for multiple aircraft. In addition, multiple user licenses are available.

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