AMETEK Fuel Gauging System Certified on the Updated Carson S-61 Helicopter

WILMINGTON, MA — AMETEK Aerospace & Defense announces that the FAA and Transport Canada have granted an STC for a cockpit display and avionics upgrade on the Sikorsky S61 helicopter, which includes an AMETEK fuel gauging system.

AMETEK's system, which consists of active capacitance probes, fuel quantity signal conditioners, low-level sensors, high-level sensors, pressure transducers and the associated wire harnesses, replaces the original system that was not compatible with the upgraded avionics.

Carson Helicopter, owner of the STC, in conjunction with AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems Business Unit, SAGEM Avionics, Vector Aerospace, and Sikorsky, plans an aggressive retrofit program for the worldwide fleet of S-61 commercial and military helicopters. Carson holds more than 20 STCs for improvements and modifications to the Sikorsky S61.

"This represents an important milestone as AMETEK partners with Carson to offer our unique fuel gauging system with its numerous operating advantages on this updated helicopter," says Dave Olds, Senior Director, Sensors and Fluid Management Systems for AMETEK Aerospace & Defense. "By retrofitting existing aircraft with our most advanced fuel gauging components, Carson takes a major step forward in transitioning to a reliable, maintainable fuel system and eliminating the risk of obsolete or unserviceable components."

The AMETEK active-fuel-probe-based system has an installed base of more than 5,000 systems. It is engineered to provide significant advantages over systems designed around passive fuel probes. The active fuel probes integrate advanced signal processing electronics into the capacitance sensor. The active probe electronics serve to perform an accurate measurement of the sensor capacitance and output a robust signal immune to problems typical of passive fuel gauging systems.

The AMETEK fuel quantity signal conditioner (FQSC) processes signals from active fuel probes located in the tanks, calculates fuel contents, and produces 0-5 vDC outputs for the cockpit display system. Each tank has an independent signal conditioner. The forward and aft tank systems include an independent low-fuel level warning function.

AMETEK's fuel gauging system has proven reliable in large commercial aircraft, regional jets, and business and military UAV aircraft with decades of flight time logged. AMETEK's pressure and temperature sensors are an approved source for six of the critical engine parameters providing the pilot with accurate engine readings.

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